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Online Courses and Textbooks

Chemistry at Kimball's Biology : Includes acids and bases, bond energy, elements and atoms, hydrogen bonds, mixtures and compounds, parts per million (PPM), etc., prions, and more.

Molecules and Genetics : These disciplines, unknown in Darwin's time, only really developed during the last few decades. Until then, evolutionary relationships among organisms were based on anatomy, embryology, development and distribution. Understanding enzymes, proteins, DNA and the genetic code now provides another independent test of evolutionary relationships.

Atoms and Molecules : Two pages that explain the basics of chemistry necessary to under-standing of biological concepts and evolutionary theory. This is a primer, not an intensive course.

Kimball's Biochemistry : Thorough coverage of the basics of biochemistry including many topics such as ATP, Bioluminescence, Cellular respiration, Enzymes, Metabolism, Photosynthesis, The Urea cycle and more.

Chemistry WebBook : Provides thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data compiled by National Institute of Standards and Technology under the Standard Reference Data Program.

Reference Website Links

Links for Chemists : Over 7500 Chemistry web resources.

Analytical Chemistry Springboard : From electrophoresis to electronic noses, this website brims with links on techniques and resources. You'll find spectroscopy databases (atomic to x-ray), tutorials, online journals, software, and more.

The Wired Chemist : Has sections such as an online general chemistry course and 3D models of inorganic and organic molecules, tables of conversions, an NMR bibliography, a database of NMR spectra, and links to job sites and chemistry journals.

ChemSpy : is a well-organized portal for chemists and students. Chemistry resources include dictionaries, safety information, listings of physical properties, spectral data, journal searches, and job lists.

Periodic Tables

Periodic Table : At the Pictorial Periodic Table, check out Stowe's physicist's version (which arranges elements by quantum levels on planes), Benfey's Spiral Periodic Table (where transition and inner transition metals form arms), and even a three- dimensional spinning table. Most tables are clickable and lead to info on each element.

The Periodic Table of Haiku : Visiting writers have provided literary accompaniment for even the most prosaic of elements, from argon to ununoctium. For more element-inspired verse, follow the link to a Periodic Table of Poetry.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Resources : A grab bag of what you'll find: online journals, patent sites, spectra databases, boiling points of solvents, software for drawing molecules, a textbook on organometallic compounds, and a guide to naming carbohydrates.

Organic Chemistry Help: This serves as a quick refresher if you've forgotten the difference between alkanes and alkenes or can't recall the details of the Friedel-Crafts alkylation. Brisk pages cover the structure, properties, and nomenclature of the major classes of organic molecules and explain common reaction mechanisms.

Chemistry of Odors : A great place to sniff out smell lore is a site created by organic chemist John Leffingwell, who heads a company in Canton, Georgia, that sells databases of odor and flavor chemicals.

Of Interest to Chemists

Oceans : Chemistry and Life : How oceans formed and then......

Chemical Ecology of Insects : Free software, research on insects, interactive learning, databases and links to an enormous amount of information and publications. Could be called Bark Beetle Central.

Allied Topics

Abiogenesis - Origin of Life


Cell Biology

Genetics and DNA


Science Journals

A World of Molecules

Crystal Lattice Structures
An index of crystal lattice artwork.

WebMol by Dirk Walther
Brookhaven Protein Data Bank

3D Virtual Molecule Kit

Molecule of Month at Imperial College

Molecule of the Month at Univ. Bristol

Molecule of the Month at Univ. Oxford


WebSpectra : Provides students with a library of spectroscopy problems.

BMRB Spectroscopy : BioMagResBank holds structural NMR data for over 1640 proteins and other biomolecules, from single amino acids to exotic neurotoxins.


The Macrogalleria -- Polymer Fun

Polymers & Liquid Crystals Textbook


The Nanotube Site : These systems consist of graphitic sheets seamlessly wrapped to cylinders.


Transport Proteins : Descriptions, TC numbers, examples of over 150 families of transport proteins are provided.

Protein Explorer Entry Options : This is a user-friendly software tool for viewing molecules on the Web.

Bevy of Biomolecule Data : Whether you're looking for the dog genome project or the structure of a ribosomal subunit, over 1,000 links lead to every imaginable protein and gene site.

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