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Botany Courses and Textbooks

Plants and Their Structure : There are a series of five pages dealing with plant biology. They are colorful presentations, nicely illustrated, and very informative. Be sure to see the following pages on DNA and genetics from the website's Main Menu.

Plant Biology at Kimball's Biology : Includes angiosperm life cycle, asexual reproduction in plants, plant cells, chlorophyll, germination of seeds, the leaf, photosynthesis, roots, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, transpiration and more.

Photosynthesis : A leaf may be viewed as a solar collector crammed full of photosynthetic cells. This is a highly illustrated and colorful presentation.

Biology of Plants : Read the guide to using this website and pointers for studying plant biology. If you are a teacher interested in getting copies of the lab exercises in Microsoft Word files, please visit the Downloading Page. A Typical Plant Cell is shown here.

Botany Online - Internet Hypertextbook : 58 chapters cover botany basics, from cell structure to Mendelian genetics to molecular reactions in plants. Accompanying the clear text are many images and movies: micrographs of cells, interactive molecular models, even animations modeling how cells form patterns.

Scott's Botanical Links: Read a biography of a famous botanist, locate a picture of a rare plant, or learn how to propagate geraniums. The content runs from highly technical DNA databases to general how-to's on plant care. Searchable archives stretch back to 1996.

The Secret Lives of Plants

Getting Hip to Plant Hormones : Hormones get blamed for some crazy behavior in humans, but you should see what they do to plants. These potent growth regulators stimulate flowering, induce cell elongation, determine sex, and more. By Steve Croker and colleagues at the University of Bristol, U.K.

Plants In Motion: 21 time-lapse movies reveal the almost imperceptible movements of plants. The films illustrate concepts such as geotropism and phototropism (movements in response to gravity and light) and daily cycles of activity.

Arabidopsis Information Resource : The complete sequencing of a plant genome, a small flowering weed known as Arabidopsis thaliana, has been accomplished. This database can be searched by genetic markers, clones, and people, among other options.

Major Groups of Plants

Angiosperm Phylogeny : This taxonomic synopsis provides key physical and biochemical characteristics for hundreds of families and genera and all of the 80-odd orders of flowering plants.

Seaweeds : Kelps, wracks, seaweeds and other kinds of algae. Taxonomic database with geographic distributions, type localities, synonyms, and illustrations for more than 18,000 species.

The Cycads : Plants of an ancient, once-thriving lineage, and limited to warm climates, all 250-odd extant cycad species are hosted at this site of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia.

The Parasitic Plant Connection : 3900+ species of plants, about 1% of the world's total, are parasitic. This site provides distribution maps and key characteristics for 18 families of parasitic plants.

World Botanical Leaders
UCMP Glossary for Botany

The New York Botanical Garden Databases and Herbarium Specimens.

Missouri Botanical Garden
Caters to kids, students and postdocs.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
The Granddaddy of Botanical Research

The Natural History Museum, London

Herbaria and Taxonomy

Index Herbariorum NY Botanical Garden.

The International Plant Names Index

Databases at Nat. Hist. Mus. London

Classification of Plants : Search

Plants National Database at USDA

Trees and Forests

All About Tree-Rings : An educational resource for all age levels.

ForestryImages: 4200-image archive.

Bugwood Network : Forest pests info.

Guide to North American Trees and Plants

Institute of Forest Genetics

Odds and Ends

Agricultural Patents: European and US Patents, and Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Tasmanian Bush Oldest Living Thing?

Rare Botanical Books : Beautiful!

Botany for the Next Millennium
From the Botanical Society of America.

Caterpillar Host Plants

Palynology : Deals with decay-resistant remains of certain plants and animals.

Ghosts of Evolution

Stop press! Ghost Plants are among us.

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