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Biochemistry & Microscopy

Online Courses and Texbooks

Chemistry at Kimball's Biology : Includes acids and bases, bond energy, elements and atoms, hydrogen bonds, mixtures and compounds, parts per million (PPM), etc., prions, and more.

Atoms and Molecules : Two pages that explain the basics of chemistry necessary to under-standing of biological concepts and evolutionary theory. This is a primer, not an intensive course.

Kimball's Biochemistry : Thorough coverage of the basics of biochemistry including many topics such as ATP, Bioluminescence, Cellular respiration, Enzymes, Metabolism, Photosynthesis, The Urea cycle and more.

Biochemistry in 3D : Interactive tutorials using 3D structures to teach concepts in Biochemistry. It is designed to accompany Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 3rd edition.

The Molecular Universe : This is a web book, some segments of which such as The Molecules of Life, will be of interest to students.

Interesting Aspects of Biochemistry

Chromatin Structure & Function : We often picture DNA as free-floating strands, but in the nucleus it's actually tightly wound around proteins called histones. A flurry of research is probing how chemical messengers coax this balled-up stuff, called chromatin, to unravel and send signals for making proteins.

BioChem Workbench : A revolutionary tool for biologists. Search many popular protein and nucleic acid sequence databases and access a wide variety of analysis and modeling tools, all within a point and click interface that eliminates file compatibility problems.

SenseLab: Whether it's the perfume of lilac blossoms or the stench of old gym socks, a smell is a matter of chemistry. Odor molecules wafting through the air dock with olfactory receptors in your nose, triggering nerve impulses that the brain perceives as a smell.

Glossary and Directories

UCMP Glossary for Biochemistry

Buckyballs and Fullerenes

A Fullerene Structure Library

Stony Brook Buckyballs


Microscopy & Imaging
Resources for K-12 teachers & students.

Scanning Electron Microscope Images

Microscopy Primer : Bibliography and links to other microscopy sites. This site has albums of microscopic photos at Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery.

History of the Light Microscope

Microscopy Articles : This library contains material published in Micscape Magazine, the monthly magazine of Microscopy-UK, since 1995. Articles are grouped into areas such as biology, botany, insects and marine animals.

Electron Microscope Images
MicroAngela explores the microscopic world with colorized images from electron microscopes at the Univ. of Hawaii. Check out things that grow on and in you and all around you.

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