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Encyclopaedia & Dictionaries

AOL Reference Library : Dictionary, Encylopedia, Thesaurus, Almanac, Calculator, Homework Helps, Maps and Atlases for AOL users. Links to Britannica and Nat'l. Geo.

Encarta : Encylopaedia, Dictionary, Study Center and current news. This is their U.K. website. Requires registering for .msn.

Biology Reference Resources : Includes: Abstracts & Indexes; Atlases; Bibliographies; Biographies; Conversions, Calculators, and Simulations; Dictionaries; Encyclopedias and Biology Libraries.

Evolution -- Fact or Theory? : One of my new pages explaining terms of science. Evolution is both a fact and a theory. In science all facts are provisional and subject to revision. There is no ultimate truth. This is the greatest strength of science, the humility to know that all things are not known.

Homework Help Websites

AOL Reference Library : Dictionary, Encylopedia, Thesaurus, Almanac, Calculator, Homework Helps, Maps and Atlases for AOL users. Links to Britannica and Nat'l. Geo.

Discovery School : Another homework helps directory, and a good one. Links on the sidebar lead to non-science topics.

Science Web Directories

New Scientist Web Links : The weblinks page at New Scientist offers their best of the web picks in many categories.

Animated Science for Kids. : Packed with cartoon movies on science, health, and technology. In over 120 entertaining shorts, a guy named Tim and his robot sidekick, Toby, lucidly cover everything from nerves to fuel cells to relativity. Aimed at 5th to 8th graders; visitors can watch up to five movies a day for free.

Name of a Number : Ever get tongue-tied trying to read the English name of a multi-multidigit number like 372,469,737,190,393,701 (the number of inches in a light-year? Enter the digits, and out comes the name, in your choice of American (million, billion, trillion, quadrillion) or European (million, milliard, billion, billiard) units.

Mini Science Student Projects : Ideas for Science Fair projects and student experiments.

World of Mathematics: Treats everything mathematical, from the abc conjecture to Zorn's lemma, with over 10,000 entries and links to references, animated graphics and Java applets. Check out the billiard ball bouncing around inside a tetrahedron.

AltaVista - World / Translate : Translate with Babel Fish. And here is another language translation application: for translation from English to Spanish, French, German.

Search Engines

Google : The best, in my opinion.

Kartoo Search Engine

Lycos Search

PubMed : National Library of Medicine gives access to over 11 million citations in databases, with links to journals.

Amazon Books Search
For book reviews and online buying.

Talk Origins Search
For Creation/Evolution Controversy.

Library Catalogs

Libweb - USA Academic Libraries
Find many libraries in the USA, by state.

Metric Conversion etc.
Online Conversion Calculator

Lots of Metric Conversions

Specialty Dictionaries
Scientific & Medical Dictionaries

Lots of Specialty Dictionaries

Glossaries of Science
Biology Dictionary

BioTech's Life Science Dictionary

Genetics Glossary

UCMP Glossary for Biology, Life History and Genetics

UCMP Glossary for Biochemistry

UCMP Glossary for Botany

UCMP Glossary for Cell Biology

UCMP Glossary for Ecology

UCMP Glossary for Geology

UCMP Glossary for Cladistics

UCMP Glossary for Zoology

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