Graphic by Mark A. Klinger, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh

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New World: Howlers, Tamarins, Marmosets, Titis, etc.

Platyrrhini -- Cladogram after Tudge in The Tree of Life

Artwork from
Government of Peru

upper: Ateles b. belzebuth
lower: A. b. hibridus

near: Callicebus m. moloch
upper: C. m. brunneus
lower: C. m. ornatus

Field guide artists have full control of colors to illustrate typical forms. Photographs frequently distort the colors while shadows may mask or distort features. Click on an image to see at double size.

The Fauna of Peru is a national government website with 20 illustrations of New World primates. It takes time to load (about 50 animals/illustrations on one huge page) but is worth the wait -- you can be browsing while it finishes loading. Links here take you to all individual primate artwork. The Peruvian website has a companion page for flora. Brief text for each species is in Spanish.