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Key to the Listings


Includes National Parks, Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, preserved natural areas ( Nature Conservancy) and other areas suitable for bird watching and wildlife appreciation. Many of the Nature Conservancy preserves are not listed because they require prior permission for entry. Check the state listing for contact information.


Includes arboreta and formal gardens, preserved natural areas with botanical significance, and museums with botanical exhibits.


Anthropology museum exhibits, National Parks and Monuments of significant anthropological importance (cliff dwellings, mounds, archaeological sites).


Includes museum exhibits of mineral and geologic importance, volcanic monuments or parks, and natural areas where geological history may be observed. Some cave sites are included.


Includes astronomical observatories and museum planetaria. Many of the children's museums offer astronomy components as do some comprehensive "science parks" such as zoos.


Includes a wide variety of children's museums, discovery centers, hands-on learning centers, and elements of large museums that offer educational exhibits for children. Quality varies.


Includes various museums and theme tourist attractions dealing in various aspects of science and technology. Space and medical science, and various industrial museums are included.


Includes fish hatcheries, museums with fish exhibits, marine laboratories, aquaria and maritime museums (often also having a whaling and cultural historical component).


Includes mainly natural history museums, but also nature centers and children's museums with displays of local animal life. Many fine research museums, having no exhibits, are not included.


Includes various parks, preserves and nature centers where interpretive exhibits and programs discuss ecological systems and attempt to inculcate environmental awareness.


Includes paleontological museums and exhibits. Also many parks, monuments and preserves where fossils may be observed. This category tends to be heavy on dinosaurs.

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