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Alfred R. Wallace
Linnean Society of London

Eugenics Social Darwinism?

Eugenics Pseudo-Darwinism

Eugenics Watch : Eugenics is false science............

Eugenics Bibliography : from Univ. of  Virginia

Hitler's Mein Kampf : Misapplication of  Darwinian thought.

Who Was Franz Boas?: He laid the foundation to establish that we cannot say one race is biologically superior or inferior to another, which was historic. That ended segregation, and his research was used in Brown, et al. Now we have to fight race on social, cultural, economic grounds, because we know it's not biological.

Hereditary Genius : by Darwin's cousin Francis Galton, the father of eugenics. [1869, 2nd Ed., 1892].

Highlighted Websites

Eugenics Archive : from DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Statement on Eugenics
American Society of Human Genetics

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