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Darwin's Finches
The Galapagos Islands and Species Radiation

This will be a book description.
The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner
Charles Darwin Voyaging by Janet Browne

Genetic Sequencing of Darwin's Finches

Relationships within Darwin's finches and their relatives in the domed nest clade. Relationships among the bottom three species have been drawn as unresolved based on other studies. Vertical line indicates the Darwin's finch species. From: Burns, K. J., Phylogenetic Relationships and Morphological Diversity in Darwin's Finches and Their Relatives. See Evolution 56 (6) pp. 1240-1252. The other species in the domed nest clade are found mainly on islands of the Caribbean, with a few species also on the mainland of South America.

Relationship of Darwin's Finches based upon combined cytb and cr sequences. For simplicity's sake, a single representative sequence is displayed for each species of Darwin's finches, and the outgroup has been left out. The drawings point out differences in one of the distinguishing morphological characters of Darwin's finch species - the shape of the beak. From Sato, et al., Phylogeny of Darwin's Finches as Revealed by mtDNA Sequences. See Proceedings National Academy of Science 96 (9): pp. 5101-5106, April 27, 1999. By rotating the clades the cladogram yields the same relationships as shown in the previous cladogram, but all 13 Darwin's Finches are drawn as resolved.

This map from Galapagos Tour Guide shows the track of HMS Beagle during Darwin's voyage. The website has some nice files about the natural history and geology of the Galapagos.

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