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Current News in Science News

EurekAlert! Releases

Nature Science Update : from the British science weekly Nature

Science Now : Daily Science news from the journal Science : Daily News

Sci Tech Daily : Extensive news links

Time Magazine Science

BioMedNet : News, commentary, 3,500 links, research, journals.

ScienceDirect : Reference linking via CrossRef is now available in ScienceDirect. Claims access to 1,100 journals in 16 fields.

General Science News

BBC News | Sci/Tech - Nature

New Scientist: News

PBS - Science and Technology

ScienceDaily Magazine

Specialized News Sources

Anthropology : From Texas A & M
Daily updates in Anthropology News

Science Journals and Reporting

Archaeological News :

Biological Journals and Abbreviations :
These pages contain the abbreviations, full titles, and links to some WWW pages for a large variety of biological and medical journals.

CAS Bulletin Home Page :
Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( in English )

Abstracts and Articles (sample issue, pdf format, for members)

Discover Magazine : Search for Science and Evolution articles

Entomology Journals : About 50 Journal from around the world.

Evolution Update : News about evolution from many magazines and journals, with archives going back 5 years. Plus much more.

Frontiers in Bioscience : Mainly of medical interest, see also their Encyclopedia of BioScience page. Articles are available online.

J. Biol -- An Online Journal of Biology : Free access.

Journal of Cell Biology : Abstracts, search facility, subscriptions.

Journal of Experimental Biology : A leading journal in comparative animal physiology. Full text from late 1992 to 1999 freely available. Search includes the Journal of Cell Science and also the journal Development.

Journals - 75 in many fields

Natural History Magazine : Articles and excerpts for last 6 years.

Papers in Science : Proceeding of the Royal Society (Abstracts)

PBS Science/Technology : Diverse articles for a popular market.

SciDev.Net: News, views, science, technology and development.

Science Functional Genomics : Links to breaking news in genomics and biotech (from Science and other sources), pointers to classic and new papers relevant to the postgenomic era, lists of web resources, and a special section on the biotech business.

Science News Online : A weekly News Magazine of Science.

Science News Online - lists 18 sources of science news online with links

Scientific American Featured Articles

The Scientist - The News Journal for the Life Scientist : Requires registration to view articles.

Smithsonian Magazine: Excerpts of articles back to 1995.

E-Zines and E-Journals

Science : The Leading U.S. Journal

Nature : Britain's Weekly Journal

Paleontological Society Web Journal

Evolution Journal :
Int'l. Journal of Organic Evolution

Evolutionary Computation
Mathematics in Evolutionary Studies

Geological Society of America Journals
Full access requires pdf reader.

Proceedings of
The National Academy of Sciences

Abstracts of papers, special features.

Peer reviewed genomic research.

Chemistry Journals

Journal of the American Chemical Soc.

Chemistry Journals

400 Journals Online, Mostly Chemistry

Medical Journals

Journal of the American Medical Assn.

Hundreds of BioMedical Journals

Nature Immunology

Journals of Paleontology

Journal of Paleontology

Fossil News : Avocational Paleontology

Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology

Palaeontologia Electronica

Paleontological Society Web Journal

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