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Biotechnology & Bioengineering

Information Systems for Biotechnology : Provides information about environmentally responsible use of agricultural biotechnology products. Here you will find documents and searchable databases pertaining to the development, testing and regulatory review of genetically modified plants, animals and microorganisms.

Biotechnology - Int'l Information Programs, U.S. State Dept.
President Clinton says the real issue in the debate over genetically modified foods is not the interests of agribusiness companies versus food safety or biodiversity, but rather how to get the best food to the largest number of people at the lowest possible price.

Yeast Rises to a New Occasion : Genetically engineered yeast will make it possible to substantially lower the cost of producing ethanol on a large scale.

FAO: Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture : Biotech for the Third World. What can agricultural biotechnology offer developing countries? A lively discussion on everything from animal cloning to terminator technology and trees, livestock forumand fish.

GrayLIT Network : Want to find out what federal researchers have learned about using bugs to clean up toxic waste, or see which agency funds the most research on stem cells? Access more than 100,000 full-text technical reports from several Federal agencies.

Weeds Can Inherit Long-lived Genes : U.S. scientists say crops can pass on to related weeds genetic traits that persist for six generations or more. It's inevitable that these and other fitness-related traits will make their way into weed populations

BioInformatics Guide : Biotechnology is branch of biology that utilizes living organisms in engineering, technology, and medicine. These applications use living organisms to develop advance tools and products. Modern and traditional biotechnologies differ in their process. Manipulation of genes and placing these genes in organisms is modern biotechnology. Traditional biotechnology focuses on fermentation. Biotechnology research has relevance in the medical, agricultural, environment, and the non-food industrial areas.

Information Databases
National Biotechnology Information
Provides access to approximately 7,000 links to biotechnology resources.

GM Crops and Trees

Genetically Modified Food
Understanding technology and how it is applied and regulated is essential if society as a whole is to benefit from technology while minimising adverse effects that many fear may arise.

Transgenic Crops Resource Guide

GM Trees Fight Dutch Elm Disease
In the United States, 70% of mature elms have been destroyed since 1930.

GM Christmas Tree Would Glow
Blue and red fluorescent proteins have been discovered. GM Xmas trees could grow multicolored lights.

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